(ABOVE) The Dove from above (Chris Mattison)

The International Classic Fly-in was not just about warbird heavy metal, an amazing array of classics and smaller ex-military machines added a unique air of nostalgia to the weekend. Spectators were heard commenting that it reminded them of the aerial pageants of days gone by, proof then that we must be getting something right! The Real Aeroplane Club's annual competitions - flour-bombing, spot-landing and balloon busting no doubt enhanced the 'yesteryear' atmosphere, prizes of engine oil and tee-shirts being awarded during the Saturday evening hangar party.

Glenn Lacey's DH Dove was the largest aircraft on the ground at Breighton, a very welcome sight indeed, and such a robust machine, note the reinforced leading edges.

Other exquisite types included three visiting Percivals - Proctor, Vega Gull and Prentice - good company for 'XF and a real treat for lovers of classic British aviation. In fact, the Mew was put through it's paces on numerous occasions during the weekend, much to the delight of the crowd, many of whom had never seen the aircraft fly before.

(ABOVE) The Percy twins - Mew Gull and Vega Gull - marvellous!

(BELOW) About to run-up the Mew Gull - hold tight there!

(ABOVE) Brian Brown being flown around Breighton courtesy of the Aeronca 100 and a sudden gust of wind...! (Gareth Horne)

(LEFT) Just look at those steps on the wings of the Vega Gull - brilliant!

(BELOW) Percival Proctor taxying.

(BOTTOM) Percival Prentice landing (Mike Sweet)

(ABOVE) Two thirds of the Percival flypast - Vega Gull being lead by the Prentice (Mike Sweet)

(BELOW) What a sight - the Percival trio - Prentice, Vega Gull and Proctor (Mike Sweet)

(ABOVE) A visiting Fairchild Argus III - circa 1944.

(ABOVE) The Magister was flown on numerous occasions during the weekend - the yellow scheme contrasting nicely against the grey sky.

(BELOW) Clockwise - DH Chipmunk, Bücker Jungmeister, Mew Gull, DR1

(ABOVE) Evocative picture of BBMF and Chipmunk by Martin Cole

Thanks to Chris Mattison, Martin Cole, Mike Sweet and Gareth Horne for their photographic contributions.