Another selection of pictures from the 2006 Breighton Airshow. (ABOVE) Gary Ferriman's Extra side-slipping over the hedge (Steve Blee), (BOTTOM ROW - L to R) The Matadors (Ian Herbert), OFMC's Spitfire LF MK IX (Trevor Holmes), Taff's Jungmeister in 'crop-dusting mode' going to prove that not ALL smoking is bad! (Trevor Holmes)

Pictures © unless credited otherwise.

(ABOVE) One half of The Matadors limbering up (Ian Herbert)

(BELOW) The Buchon and Spitfire's Sunday display with Tony Smith and Nigel Lamb in the respective seats (Steve Blee)

(BELOW) Tony Smith's Jungmeister 'Ole Buttocks' saluting following his aerobatic routine (Trevor Holmes)

(BELOW) The Chilton DW1 monoplane - a lovely aircraft that even makes the Mew Gull look big!! (Steve Blee)

(TOP) Up close and personal with the Mew Gull. (ABOVE) The Mew Gull landing (Trevor Holmes)

(BELOW) Spitfire about to touch down (Steve Blee)

(ABOVE) The Corsair taxying out to the runway prior to Cliff Spink's display.

(BELOW) Brian Brown running up the Hurricane's Rolls Royce Merlin prior to his display.

(BELOW) Rob Davies' brightly schemed T-6 on the ramp (Ian Herbert)

(ABOVE) The Arrow Active 2 (the first having been written off by Alex Henshaw way back in the 1930's) (Steve Blee)

(BELOW and BOTTOM) P-51 Mustang 'Susy' on finals with owner Tony Smith at the helm (Steve Blee).

(BELOW) The Miles Magister 'going streamer clipping' (Steve Blee)

(ABOVE) P-51 'Janie' flown by Maurice Hammond.

(ABOVE) The Matadors in perfect sync' (Ian Herbert)

(BELOW) Flour bombing Putzer Elster (Trevor Holmes)