Golden Age Racers - Reno-Stead Airport 2003 - (continued)

The following superb selection pictures were taken by Atsushi "Fred" Fujimori (© 2003). Many thanks to "Fred" for allowing us to show them on our website.

(ABOVE) Rounding the pylon in fine fashion. (BELOW) Crossing the start/finish line. Interestingly, the tower has grand prix style traffic lights to start the bi-plane class which launch straight into the race from a starting grid on the runway!

(ABOVE) Just remember to turn left! (BELOW) All in a day's work, safely back on the ground.

The first 4 images © Atsushi "Fred" Fujimori 2003 - reproduced here with his kind permission.

(Below) Jan Peters took this fine picture against a stunning azure sky. More of Jan's brilliant pictures can be found on his own website dedicated to the air races. CLICK HERE

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