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Please note, unless otherwise stated all events held on the airfield are open to visiting aircraft (their crews and family/guests) and Real Aeroplane Club members (and their family/guests) only - pilots flying in to the events DO NOT NEED TO BE MEMBERS. Club members through the gate MUST CARRY THEIR MEMBERSHIP CARDS when on the airfield. Members guests are admitted on the understanding that their safety is the responsibility of the Club member with whom they have gained entry to the airfield.

Visitors are reminded that extra care should be taken when visiting the airfield, please do not cross any barriers, do not touch the aircraft unless invited to do so and please remember to take litter home with you.

2017 Event Dates

April 8 - Helicopter Pleasure Flights (Central Helicopters)
April 15 - Helicopter Pleasure Flights (Adventure 001)
May 6-7 -
BAeA Competition (John McLean, Newbold and Icicle Trophies)
May 7 - Aerojumble and Fly-in
May 13-14 - Wing Walking (Wing Walk Displays)
May 29 - Helicopter Pleasure Flights
(Adventure 001)
May 13 - Vintage Piper Fly-in
June 3-4 - Wing Walking (Wing Walk Displays)
June 10 - Museum Day and Fly-in
(+ Club members photographic exhibition)
June 11 - Helicopter Pleasure Flights (Central Helicopters)
June 18 - Helicopter Pleasure Flights (Adventure 001)
June 24-25 - Wing Walking (Wing Walk Displays)
July 8-9 - Wing Walking (Wing Walk Displays)
July 15-16 - International Bücker Fest 2017
July 29 - Helicopter Pleasure Flights (Central Helicopters)
August 5-6 - Wing Walking (Wing Walk Displays)
August 26-27 - Wing Walking (Wing Walk Displays)
September 3 - Helicopter Pleasure Flights (Central Helicopters)
September 16-17 - Wing Walking (Wing Walk Displays)
September 24 - Helicopter Fly-in
October 7-8 - Wing Walking (Wing Walk Displays)
October 28 - FAA Squadron Visit

Keep checking back for further information and possible additions. Enquiries regarding wing walking and helicopter flights should be addressed to the operators themselves (links added).

A word about access to Breighton Airfield for members of the general public

Whilst we warmly welcome members of the general public to Breighton admission can only be made by subscribing to Museum Club Membership (I prefer to think of it as a season ticket). Annual membership is just £30 per year, don't forget you can bring family and friends along too (on the proviso that the Club member accepts responsibility for their guests) and visit any weekend, not just Fly-in weekends. Museum membership represents excellent value for money and is very popular with aviation enthusiasts and budding aviation photographers who enjoy an unrivalled level of access to aircraft, pilots and the flying activities.

Pilots of visiting aircraft and their crews/pax DO NOT NEED TO BE CLUB MEMBERS and there are NO LANDING FEES ON FLY-IN DAYS.

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