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Fuel Prices

Fuel prices at Breighton, as at 15/01/17.

Avgas 100LL £1.59 per litre and Avtur Jet A1 £0.52 per litre

Fuel-up and support your local airfield!

Fuel is available self-service at any time (even outside normal operating hours), payment at the pumps by major credit/debit cards.

2017 Event Dates

March 5 - Real Aeroplane Club AGM - 1400hrs prompt
April 8 - Helicopter Pleasure Flights (Central Helicopters)

April 15 - Helicopter Pleasure Flights (Adventure 001)
May 6-7 -
BAeA Competition (John McLean, Newbold and Icicle Trophies)
May 7 - Aerojumble and Fly-in
May 13-14 - Wing Walking (Wing Walk Displays)
May 29 - Helicopter Pleasure Flights
(Adventure 001)
May 13 - Vintage Piper Fly-in
June 3-4 - Wing Walking (Wing Walk Displays)
June 10 - Museum Day and Fly-in
(+ Club members photographic exhibition)
June 11 - Helicopter Pleasure Flights (Central Helicopters)
June 18 - Helicopter Pleasure Flights (Adventure 001)
June 24-25 - Wing Walking (Wing Walk Displays)
July 8-9 - Wing Walking (Wing Walk Displays)
July 15-16 - International Bücker Fest 2017
July 29 - Helicopter Pleasure Flights (Central Helicopters)
August 5-6 - Wing Walking (Wing Walk Displays)
August 26-27 - Wing Walking (Wing Walk Displays)
September 3 - Helicopter Pleasure Flights (Central Helicopters)
September 16-17 - Wing Walking (Wing Walk Displays)
September 24 - Helicopter Fly-in
October 7-8 - Wing Walking (Wing Walk Displays)
October 28 - FAA Squadron Visit

Keep checking back for further information and possible additions. Enquiries regarding wing walking and helicopter flights should be addressed to the operators themselves (links added).

The Airfield Café is open during regular weekends as well as during our events and sells a variety hot food, tea, coffee, soft drinks and snacks. Seating is available inside the crewroom, conservatory and in the picnic area. Fill-up yourselves and support your local airfield!

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Waivered Airspace

The waivered airspace on the North Side of the airfield which is used for aerobatic/display practice is only available when Alan Marsland or Tony Smith are present at the airfield with immediate effect. Pilots should remain clear of this area at all other times. Wing Walking Aircraft operators have their own display authorisation and are in order using this airspace in the meantime. Further details on this action will follow.

The Real Aeroplane Company

Skilled aircraft fitter required to work in busy aircraft maintenance organisation. Duties to include maintenance and restoration of vintage aircraft and operation of busy GA airfield.

The successful candidate must be self-motivated, highly flexible, have pride in their work and work well in a team.

CV's to:
The Chief Engineer
The Real Aeroplane Company Ltd
The Aerodrome
North Yorkshire

Please note this year's AGM will take place at 1400 on March 5th

January round-up

Not a bad start to 2017 as the following photographs clearly show...

(ABOVE and BELOW) Some lovely pictures of the Breighton based Miles Messenger in beautiful winter sunshine (Tom Wray)

(ABOVE) The PT-22 being given a winter airing (Dave Marshall) (BELOW) Piper PA-15 Vagabond (Ken Woolley)

(ABOVE) Pristine Cessna 120 circa 1947 (Dave Marshall)

(ABOVE) Taylorcraft BC12D Twosome and (BELOW) Jodel D119 (Both Dave Marshall)

(ABOVE) 1947 Piper PA-12 Super Cruiser (Dave Marshall)

(ABOVE and BELOW) Breighton resident Gomhouria 181 - a license built BU181 Bestmann (Both Tom Wray)

(ABOVE) Jodel D120 (Dave Marshall)

(ABOVE) Slingsby Nipper paying Breighton a visit (Dave Marshall)

(ABOVE) Cessna 150 and (BELOW) Robin Regent (Both Ken Woolley)

(ABOVE and BELOW) Thruster and Skyranger (Both Ken Woolley)

(ABOVE) Quik GTR Microlight (Dave Marshall)

Membership Renewals

The Club can now accept payment for subscription renewals over the internet via online banking using the following details:

The Real Aeroplane Club
Sort Code 09-01-27
Account No. 44906885
Please use your name and/or membership as the reference.

For new membership subscriptions we have a new membership form. You will notice that we now request email addresses from members for future communications (and possibly an e-newsletter). This will ONLY be used for Club communications and will not be passed on to any third party or used for marketing purposes in any way.

Existing members should also complete the new form if their contact details are out of date. Subscriptions are due for renewal January 1st.

Please note our Club rules and ethos HERE

Club Subscriptions

This is normally intended for pilots with aircraft based at Breighton who hold or have held a pilot's licence. Facilitates 2 votes.

This membership is intended for pilots or aircraft owners not based at Breighton who regularly use the facilities and wish to take part in Club affairs. It is also available for regularly participating crew of aircraft and facilitates 1 vote.

This membership is a must for non-flying enthusiasts and supporters of the Real Aeroplane Company as it is the only way to gain access to the airfield for non-flying members of the public.


Please note that the Breighton weather station is currently offline, apologies for any inconvenience caused. Please call the the airfield on 01757 289065 if you require any further assistance.

Real Aeroplane Club merchandise

The Club has commissioned a new range of stylish attire bearing the 'Jeeves' motif. The first order sold-out within the space of one weekend, however, they have received a second consignment and this will be on display and available for purchase during upcoming events at the airfield. See more of Andy Wood's pictures on our Facebook page HERE.

It may be news to some but flying training has been available at Breighton, courtesy of York Flying School (YFS), since October 2011. The school operates on Saturdays and Sundays all year round and during the week on an as required basis.

YFS offers flying training towards the issue of your private pilots licence, night qualification and IMC rating. They also offer FAA flight reviews and Instrument Proficiency Checks at very competitive prices. Trial lessons/air experience flights are also available.

All bookings at York Flying School are two hours long and include one hour of pre and post flight briefings as well as one hour of airborne time. For more details, or to book a lesson online, check out the YFS website HERE

Social Networking

As well as Facebook we're now Tweeting on Twitter too!

Reciprocal Arrangments

The Real Aeroplane Club has reciprocal arrangements with the following airfields: Bagby, Rufforth, Fenland, Netherthorpe, North Coates, Sherburn-in-Elmet, Sturgate, Wickenby.

A word about access to Breighton Airfield for members of the general public

Whilst we warmly welcome members of the general public to Breighton admission can only be made by subscribing to Museum Club Membership (we prefer to think of it as a season ticket). Annual membership is just £30 per year don't forget you can bring family and friends along too (on the proviso that the Club member accepts responsibility for their guests) and visit any weekend, not just Fly-in weekends. Museum membership represents excellent value for money and is very popular with aviation enthusiasts and budding aviation photographers who enjoy an unrivalled level of access to aircraft, pilots and the flying activities.

Pilots of visiting aircraft and their crews/pax DO NOT NEED TO BE CLUB MEMBERS and there are NO LANDING FEES ON FLY-IN DAYS.


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