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Fuel Prices

Fuel prices at Breighton, as at March 2019:

Avgas 100LL £1.70 per litre and Avtur Jet A1 £0.72 per litre. Price includes VAT and FREE landing fee.

Fuel-up and support your local airfield!

Fuel is available self-service at any time (even outside normal operating hours), payment at the pumps by major credit/debit cards.

2019 Event Dates

29th May (1930hrs): GASCO Extra Airspace Infringement Awareness. LLA Vale of Your Strut.

2nd June (1000hrs): First aid training course. Duty Managers are asked to attend, and this is open to all members. Registration required. Members only.

29th & 30th June: VAC 55th Birthday Celebration: Organised by the VAC. Fly-in. Visitors welcome.

20th & 21st July: Hangar Bash and Fly-in. The BIG 30th birthday celebration, 4th International Bucker Fest, Hangar Party, food, drink & live music… and lots lots more… the evening event is ticket only. Visitors welcome.

24th August: Visit by the Guild of Aviation Artists.

25th August (1830hrs): Summer BBQ and Fly-in. This a planned event and is in addition to the ad-hoc (BYO) BBQs we will be having throughout summer. This is not a BYO food event, food will be provided (ticket price tbc), but feel free to BYO alcohol. Visitors welcome.

30th August: Club Flyout to the LAA Rally, Sywell. PPR IN ADVANCE

1st September: Visit from the Morris Minor Club. Organised by RACo

1st September: Club Flyout to Old Warden for their Vintage Flyin. PPR IN ADVANCE

6th October (1200hrs): Visit from the Veteran Car Club of GB with pre 1919 cars.

2nd November (1900hrs): Halloween not Bonfire Party. Live music, the café will be open and bring your own alcohol. Visitors welcome.

10th November (1100hrs): Remembrance Service. Fly-in. Visitors welcome.

7th December (1900hrs): Christmas Party. York Marriot. Pre booking is required. Guests welcome.

The Airfield Café is open during regular weekends as well as during our events and sells a variety hot food, tea, coffee, soft drinks and snacks. Seating is available inside the crewroom, conservatory and in the picnic area. Fill-up yourselves and support your local airfield!

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Waivered Airspace

The waivered airspace on the North Side of the airfield which is used for aerobatic/display practice is only available when Alan Marsland or Tony Smith are present at the airfield with immediate effect. Pilots should remain clear of this area at all other times. Wing Walking Aircraft operators have their own display authorisation and are in order using this airspace in the meantime. Further details on this action will follow.

May Fly-in

The May fly-in and aerojumble enjoyed some wonderful sunshine and an incredible turn-out of visiting aircraft - pictoral record by Steve Blee:

(ABOVE) First-up is this beautiful Miles Gemini (BELOW) If only it was a simple as adding a badge!

(ABOVE and BELOW) More silver wings - this time a Chipmunk in Portuguese markings

(BELOW) The Chipmunk's predeecessor - a pair of DH Tiger Moths

(ABOVE) Getting busy!

(ABOVE) A Piper Cub sporting tundra tyres for when the weather gets colder

(ABOVE) A lovely Auster J2 (BELOW) 'Jeeves' with dramatic sky as a backdrop

(ABOVE) Bücker Jungmeister and (BELOW) PT-22 (BOTTOM) and Bücker Jungmann, all from the Real Aeroplane Company stable

(ABOVE) Resident Zlin Z-226 and (BELOW) Pazmany PL-2

(BELOW) EV-97 Eurostar

With thanks to Steve Blee


I believe this is what happen's when you spend too much time upside down in an aeroplane! TOROID, Taff's brand new novel, was published on April 10th - it's available as a proper book or as a download for the Kindle - click on the picture for more details...

Taff Smith TOROID

Latest Real Aeroplane Club Newsletter

Download the very latest Club newsletter packed with informative articles and Real Aeroplane Club news HERE

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Summer is on its way!

A few images from early April by Dave Marshall...

(ABOVE and BELOW) Look out for Nick Lee and the splendid Miles Messenger on this year's display circuit...

(ABOVE) The 'bumble bee' is out so it must be nearly summer!

(ABOVE) Resident Piper Colt

(ABOVE) A visiting Yak 18T (quite a different beat from our Yak 18A)

(ABOVE and BELOW) Jodel's - D112 and D117

(ABOVE) Stunning Cessna 150

(ABOVE) Colourful RV 8 (BELOW) Pulsar 3

(ABOVE) Pioneer 400 - almost looks like a flying fish in profile - very nice.

Kate's "Very Scary" Tandem Skydive - 19 May 2019

Katie Howe (Tipsy Nipper "Bumble bee") is doing a tandem skydive jump at Bridlington on 19 May 2019 to raise much needed funds for the Yorkshire Air Ambulance. This is in memory of her niece, Jess. Donating through JustGiving is simple, fast and totally secure. As soon as you donate they send your money directly to the charity. It's the most efficient way to donate - saving time and cutting costs for the charity.

Kate would be delighted if you could help her to achieve her fund-raising goal - please donate HERE

Airfield Weather Station and Webcam

The airfield weather station is back online, we've also set-up the webcam, fingers crossed, this is due to go live on the 15th December. Find them both on the Airfield page of this website

Taming the Swift

Last summer RAC display pilot Les Clark took the Breighton based Comper Swift replica down to Old Warden to take part in one of their delightful air displays and a rather special photo shoot alongside the Shuttleworth Collection's authentic example, G-ACTF, and another replica, G-ECTF, owned by Phil Cozens.

Photographs by Damien Dyer (View Damien's Flickr here)

Les takes up the story...

ACTF, Shuttleworth Comper was flown by Willy Hackett and ECTF, Phil Cozen's example, was flown by Jezz Cooke. I already knew Jezz but, whilst I did meet Willy last year, we had a slightly more formal introduction when he asked, quite rightly, "How much formation experience do you have Les?" "Quite a bit," I say, "I recently flew over to Denmark and back, about 75% of which was 'Close Formation' with the Broussard and Jungmeister (G-AXMT) along with a couple of months or more practice in 2/3 and 4 ship before competing in the Vintage Aerobatic World Championship in 'Close Formation' with Taff Smith in AXMT."

An excellent brief was given by Will, with various points discussed and confirmed as to who was responsible for avoiding whom! Always wise when preparing for a 'Close' formation flight. Note: anyone who remembers the jodel picture from the condor will know I like to get, well.... up close and personal in formation, especially on a smooth day!

Will took us to the aircraft and showed us the reference points he'd like us to use, mmm, that's gonna have us in nice and tight, right up my street, even in an aircraft with, let’s say, limited forward vision, just as well I only need to look at around 45 degrees!! At least for the first half of the sortie where I'm in the middle of the echelon right. The second part of the sortie was to see me take the lead of the formation as Jezz moved aft to switch to 'vic' and keep a reasonable distance from the Cub camera ship, as he had a longish lens on the camera. Once this shot was acquired they would wave us off sort of jazz hands style and we would then each break in turn behind the cub for the final shots! Sounds cool eh?

I see the wave, great, a half glance left, Jezz is still there?! So I maintain station, I even move us a little closer to the cub eventually. Another wave off, in my peripheral vision I see Jezz is still there?! Finally the cub breaks away up and left in an obvious 'we’re finished' fashion. So the vic disperses, right me thinks, where the hell are we? Check left, check right, check above, all clear, ok, I break fairly hard up and left clearing my path looking for the other two Compers, fumbling for my chart and looking for a land feature and trying to switch frequencies on the hand held, (actually in my jacket pocket), a fairly busy spell! Ah! Sandy mast! Check heading, ah - a Comper! I plum for the easy option of giving chase and shadowing ECTF, thanks Jezz! We get back onto Old Warden frequency, ah, voices again, better than the static only on 118.00!!!

All three Compers recover safely onto 03, I actually manage to keep it straight for the entire roll out this time, less exciting but more rewarding. We park up and gather round for the de-brief. A mostly successful mission, no dangerous happenings, but what happened to that break?? Well, as they say, every day is a school day, and the brief was excellent as stated earlier, but as we all realised with our 20/20 hindsight, we didn’t actually state that the wave off ideally should have been relayed by me to Jezz as he’d be looking solely at me! WE ALL MISSED THAT ONE!! But that’s the whole idea of the brief and the de-brief, so we continue to learn, improve and stay safe! I’m sure we all learned a little bit more from that day, I know I did, and was a pleasure and an honour to fly with such highly experienced pilots.

Unfortunately, my excellent ground crew found a crack in the exhaust when checking and cleaning the aircraft for me, so sadly I didn’t get to actually fly in the mock race with the other two later in the day. But at least we did manage to get three Compers in the air, in close formation and with excellent photographic evidence!! Hopefully, next year will be third time lucky!

The Real Aeroplane Flying Scholarship 2019

(ABOVE) George receiving the good news from the Club Chairman Charles Sunter (right) and Scholarship Co-ordinator Cliff Whitwell (left) after the Remembrance Service at Breighton airfield. George will commence his training towards a LAPL with York Flying School which is based at Breighton airfield.

The Real Aeroplane Club is delighted to announce that George Gohl has been successful in winning the 2019 Real Aeroplane Club Scholarship. The Club celebrates its 30th anniversary next year.

The competition was open to applicants aged between 17 to 25 living in Yorkshire. Over 25 submissions were received and the standard was exceptionally high. George demonstrated his passion, commitment and enthusiasm towards aviation during a challenging interview and flying skills test.

George is currently studying for ‘A’ levels and has always wanted to be a pilot. His goal is to be a commercial pilot or join the RAF. He is an active member of his local RAF Air Cadet (872) Hull Squadron. His hobbies include building and flying scaled model aircraft, and designing and building telemetry systems for his models. He has also built a flight simulator in his parent’s loft so he can practise his flying.

The scholarship has been kindly funded by a Club Member in memory of our dear friend Nigel Feetham.

Remembrance Day 2018

A few photographs from Remembrance Day 2018, the first 5 from the flypast itself, including the poppy drop from the Broussard, taken by Steve Blee.

The sun shone during the afternoon as evidenced here in Tom Wray's pictures:

(ABOVE and BELOW) A couple of Jodel 112's

(ABOVE) Our Kate positioning her beloved Tipsy Nipper and (BELOW) our Club Chairman, Charles Sunter, topping-up his Auster.

(ABOVE) Busy at the pumps!

(ABOVE and BELOW) Resident Auster and Supercruiser making the most of the sunshine.

Membership Renewals

The Club can now accept payment for subscription renewals over the internet via online banking using the following details:

The Real Aeroplane Club
Sort Code 09-01-27
Account No. 44906885
Please use your name and/or membership as the reference.

For new membership subscriptions we have a new membership form. You will notice that we now request email addresses from members for future communications (and possibly an e-newsletter). This will ONLY be used for Club communications and will not be passed on to any third party or used for marketing purposes in any way.

Existing members should also complete the new form if their contact details are out of date. Subscriptions are due for renewal January 1st.

Please note our Club rules and ethos HERE

Club Subscriptions

This is normally intended for pilots with aircraft based at Breighton who hold or have held a pilot's licence. Facilitates 2 votes.

This membership is intended for pilots or aircraft owners not based at Breighton who regularly use the facilities and wish to take part in Club affairs. It is also available for regularly participating crew of aircraft and facilitates 1 vote.

This membership is a must for non-flying enthusiasts and supporters of the Real Aeroplane Company as it is the only way to gain access to the airfield for non-flying members of the public.

Real Aeroplane Club merchandise

The Club has commissioned a new range of stylish attire bearing the 'Jeeves' motif. The first order sold-out within the space of one weekend, however, they have received a second consignment and this will be on display and available for purchase during upcoming events at the airfield. See more of Andy Wood's pictures on our Facebook page HERE.

It may be news to some but flying training has been available at Breighton, courtesy of York Flying School (YFS), since October 2011. The school operates on Saturdays and Sundays all year round and during the week on an as required basis.

YFS offers flying training towards the issue of your private pilots licence, night qualification and IMC rating. They also offer FAA flight reviews and Instrument Proficiency Checks at very competitive prices. Trial lessons/air experience flights are also available.

All bookings at York Flying School are two hours long and include one hour of pre and post flight briefings as well as one hour of airborne time. For more details, or to book a lesson online, check out the YFS website HERE

Social Networking

As well as Facebook we're now Tweeting on Twitter too!

Reciprocal Arrangments

The Real Aeroplane Club has reciprocal arrangements with the following airfields: Bagby, Rufforth, Fenland, Netherthorpe, North Coates, Sherburn-in-Elmet, Sturgate, Wickenby.

A word about access to Breighton Airfield for members of the general public

Whilst we warmly welcome members of the general public to Breighton admission can only be made by subscribing to Museum Club Membership (we prefer to think of it as a season ticket). Annual membership is just £30 per year don't forget you can bring family and friends along too (on the proviso that the Club member accepts responsibility for their guests) and visit any weekend, not just Fly-in weekends. Museum membership represents excellent value for money and is very popular with aviation enthusiasts and budding aviation photographers who enjoy an unrivalled level of access to aircraft, pilots and the flying activities.

Pilots of visiting aircraft and their crews/pax DO NOT NEED TO BE CLUB MEMBERS and there are NO LANDING FEES ON FLY-IN DAYS.


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