At around 1200hrs Friday 19th May RACo's Hispano HA-1112-M1L Buchón C4K-154 took to the air, for the very first time since its painstaking restoration, in the hands of the Old Flying Machine Company's Chief Pilot Nigel Lamb. Nigel's tight schedule, not to mention a week of horrendous spring weather, threatened to keep the aircraft grounded for yet another three months, however, the decision was made to go for it on Friday and, with a helpful breeze blowing right along Breighton's runway, the deed was done.

The aircraft leapt into the air with ease, hotly pursued by Taff in 'Susy' (the accompanying air-to-air pictures were taken by Ian Ross from the Mustang).

(ABOVE and BELOW) Mustang on your tail!!

Nigel assessed the aircraft's handling for around 45 minutes before returning to Breighton with a much appreciated run-and-break, alighting with a broad grin, 'It's an absolute gem...' he told Taff, '...flies like a dream!'

Surprisingly few adjustments were needed and the flight test schedule will continue in the hands of Breighton's pilots during the coming few weeks.

Thanks to Breighton's photographers on the day (Barry Yeardley, Ian Ross and Bob Mitchell). All pictures are copyright The Real Aeroplane Company.

(BELOW and BOTTOM) Safely down again - smiles allround and an impromptu celebratory shower of Champers to toast the occasion!

(ABOVE and BELOW) Tony Smith's first outing in the machine at the begining of June 2006. (Thanks to Keith Blanshard).