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A few pictures from the excellent International Bücker Fest 2017 - the heading picture (ABOVE) shows a visiting Jungmann and Jungmeister (Steve Blee)

(ABOVE and BELOW) The 'Bestmann' snatched the accolade of second highest Bücker type flying at Breighton during the weekend thanks to the early evening arrival of Will Greenwood's example seen here just prior to leaving on Sunday. (Andy Wood)

(ABOVE) Will Greenwood's 'Bestmann' (Heliopolis Gomhouria) (Ken Woolley)

(ABOVE) A colourful lineup of Bückers (and friends) waiting for the sun (Steve Blee)

(ABOVE) A visiting Jungmeister - one of two present at the weekend (although Taff Smith's example is still being restored) (Andy Wood)

(BELOW) Jungmeister at play (Steve Blee)

(ABOVE) Wings AND Wheels! (Andy Wood)

(Above and BELOW) Our military enclave! (Andy Wood)

(ABOVE) A couple of shots that could very easily have been taken in the 1930's (Ken Woolley)

(ABOVE) Not to be left out, here's an equally atmospheric shot of the Breighton-based Bestmann (Steve Blee)

(ABOVE) Not only Bückers of course - this is the Plumb BGP1a sheltering beneath the wing of the Max Holste Broussard. The Plumb is much younger than its appearance would suggest, a self-build project that was completed in 2015 and which flew for the the first time only last year. (Andy Wood)

(BELOW) Beautiful Auster J1 (Steve Blee)

(ABOVE) Ex-Breighton resident Auster 5 making a return visit (Steve Blee)

(ABOVE) The Dr1 bites the bullet once again! (Steve Blee)

(ABOVE and BELOW) Two Bell 47 'choppers' - G-MASH is a Breighton resident with registration to acknowledge the long-running TV series set at a field hospital during the Korean war. (Both Steve Blee)

(ABOVE) Overnight shelter for the open cockpits (Andy Wood)

(ABOVE) Fun on the track - Taff Smith in his racing car (Andy Wood)

(ABOVE) Pitts Special with appropriate registration! (Steve Blee)

(BELOW) Pristine Luscombe Silvaire (Steve Blee)

(ABOVE) The hangar party in full swing (Andy Wood)

(ABOVE) Yorkshire Air Ambulance paying a visit - we shall be presenting them with a 4 figure sum raised during the event as soon as all monies are collected (Steve Blee)


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